Our Mission:

Kush and Cute provides handmade all-natural hemp and CBD skincare goods as well as high quality smoke supplies and accessories. Our mission is to provide products that educate and encourage women of all ages to add cannabis in their daily skin care and self care routines. We aim to help de-stigmatize the plant and hope to be part of increasing diversity and inclusivity in the ever growing industry. 

Our Story:

My name is Iyana Edouard and I am the founder of Kush and Cute. After entering the industry in 2016 in Southern California I also very quickly became aware that the cannabis industry lacked two things, women and especially black women. I was usually the only black woman in the room actually. Instead of becoming discouraged by the sense of lack in industry and the various reasons as to why, I decided to do something about it. I combined my knowledge of natural/holistic cannabis medicine and desire to create a female driven cannabis company that was inspired by and curated for women. Since it’s curation I have been dedicated to providing high quality hemp and cbd skincare and lifestyle products. My goal is to bring people back to idea of using plant medicine to heal themselves, inside and out. Kush & Cute is growing everyday and greatly appreciate the support we have gotten thus far in our business journey, thank you.

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