10 Best Korean Vitamin C Serums For Glowing Skin 2023 Review

Korean Vitamin C Serums For Glowing Skin: Vitamin C is one of the best antioxidants for improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Hyperpigmentation can be faded by applying pure vitamin C to your skin and it’s also an excellent ingredient for preventing free radical wear.

Best Korean Vitamin C Serum For Hyperpigmentation

Vitamin C is super beneficial for acne scarring too, not only does it prevent scars from worsening but can actually help reduce discoloration over time if used regularly. If you are looking for the best vitamin c serum for hyperpigmentation then you are in the right place.

Best Korean Vitamin C Serums For Glowing Skin

Korean consumers have an avid preference for using vitamin C soaps, serums, and moisturizers in treating their skin conditions. This is especially true because vitamin C has been found to be the major factor in collagen production which naturally slows down as individual ages.

This makes vitamin C the ideal anti-aging treatment while at the same time protecting a person from direct sunlight that could otherwise potentially damage their skin cells.

Best Korean Vitamin C Serums For Anti-Aging & Skin Brightening

Here are the top 10 best Korean vitamin c serums for sensitive skin, listed by popularity. If you’re interested in trying out a vitamin C serum but not sure where to begin, this is a great resource to start with as it breaks down the different uses of different types of vitamin C serums.

Or affordable vitamin c serum if you have sensitive skin and are just looking for a purer form of vitamin C that won’t irritate your complexions like sodium ascorbyl phosphate or ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, these will provide all the same benefits at a higher concentration than their weaker counterparts so you’re more likely to get better results and faster too!

1. Neogen Dermatology Real Vita C Serum Review

Neogen Dermatology Real Vita C Serum

Neogen Dermatology Real Vita C10 serves to protect the appearance of youthful skin by offering 12 percent vitamin C acerola-plex and vitamin c sensitive skin. This stabilized vitamin C derivative stimulates collagen synthesis, offers antioxidant benefits such as protection from oxidative stress, hydrates and improves the look of dull skin.


Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate: Vitamin C is superstar skincare active and although it’s highly unstable, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate is just as brightening but can be combined with other derivatives, making it a great option for those who don’t want the almost inevitable unwanted effects of pure vitamin C. However, much research shows that due to its low bioavailability, Korean vitamin c serum does not enhance collagen production or inhibit MMP-1 as vitamin C does.

5 citrus extracts: including lemon, lime, orange, tangerine, and grapefruit along with panthenol to help smooth and moisturize the skin Read More About the best Korean serum.

Sodium Hyaluronate: Also added to Korean serums was sodium hyaluronate which plumps up the epidermis and helps it retain moisture.

2. Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop Serum Review

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop Serum

Looking to decorate up your skin by using pure vitamin c oil formula that balances out signs of sun damage and improves your skin tone? It’s been discovered that some of the best formulas available like purito vitamin c serum include powerful sources of vitamin C.

It has been understood that when one is exposed to too much sunlight, it can break down the skin cells and deplete them of vital nutrients, therefore lowering their overall health. At the same time, lack of exposure to sunlight can lower the amount of vitamin C in our system, which is also required for healthy collagen production.

So how do we make sure we’re getting Korean non-comedogenic vitamin c serum an appropriate balance while still protecting ourselves from harm? One way is to use a topical solution containing plenty of vitamin C that will absorb into your cells more quickly because it’s water-soluble.


An Anti-Oxidant, Vitamin C: This ingredient acts as an antioxidant to help protect the skin against environmental aggressors like UV exposure and pollution. Collagen Stimulator: Vitamin C is absorbed into the skin where it stimulates collagen production and hydration. Hydrating Plant Extracts :

Centella Asiatica Extract has been shown to revitalize and heal damaged skin while promoting a youthful, supple appearance. It also checks inflammation, protects against bacteria, and contains anti-bacterial properties. A Great Toner/Facial Mist –

Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Vitamin C) is a fantastic product for sensitive skin sufferers or those looking for ways to deal with aging skin, You can find it in their toner or facial mist and it’ll give your face a nice dewy glow and make you facially refreshed while moisturizing it at the same time!

3. SKINFOOD Peach Sake Pore Serum Review

SKINFOOD Peach Sake Pore Serum

SKINFOOD is a Korean skincare company known for its facial serums. SKINFOOD’s products use Vitamin C and Vitamin A, which are both very helpful in bettering the skin.

Whether you have large pores or fine lines, we can be confident that you will see an improvement in accordance with your skin type! The ingredients are specifically designed to make pore sizes tighter Korean hyaluronic acid serum, therefore, helping keep your pores clean.


  • The peach extract is a soft, dispersible liquid and contains vitamins A, C, and E as well as salicylic acid which are known to manage oil production on the skin’s surface as well as pores.
  • It also acts as a powder and can decrease the appearance of large pores. Given its gentle nature, the peach extract is recommended for all skin types – oily or otherwise, but maybe more beneficial for the oilier-skinned ones.
  • Also, note that peach sake has the added benefit of helping to prevent discoloration of the skin. Directly apply.
4. It’s Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector Serum Review

It’s Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector Serum

Its Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector Serum is a product that uses the antioxidant properties of Vitamin C to help you achieve firmer, smoother, and younger-looking skin.

This formula uses the stable Vitamin C derivative Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmic Acid to reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging like enlarged pores, uneven texture, and dark spots. Due to its oil-soluble properties, Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate acid stays concentrated longer on the skin than regular water-soluble vitamin C formulas or serums will allow.


 product packaged? We may be trained to think that with all things containing vitamin C, they come in yellow bottles. However, this seems not to be true because the shelf life will rely heavily on the type of packaging used.

Ascorbic acid is an antioxidant and is an ingredient that according to research has a tendency to degrade rapidly when exposed to light and air, if packaged improperly a product could lose its efficacy.

Therefore, it’s important for companies like Vitamin C Serum Review which contains L-ascorbic acid derivatives to employ preservatives and anti-air/light barriers in order for its efficacy not to be compromised by poor packaging choices!

5. By Wishtrend Pure Vitamin C 21.5% Advanced Serum Review

By Wishtrend Pure Vitamin C 21.5% Advanced Serum

Skincare solutions that have the maximum amount of vitamins C in them are always helpful for improving skin conditions and keeping it healthy. Korean brightening serum Products manufactured by Wishtrend come with the highest concentration of vitamin C possible, ensuring that your skin absorbs all of the vitamins within a short period.

This product is easy to get accustomed to and leaves your skin feeling instantly lighter than before, allowing you to continue on in your day as if having even used it at all. The serum also acts as an anti-aging treatment, leaving you with spotless skin for weeks after use!


all skin types: This serum contains a high concentration of 21.5% L-ascorbic acid and it is ideal for all skin types due to its hypoallergenic properties and the fact that it is dermatologist tested.

product packaged: When it comes to packaging, this serum comes in a dark brown glass bottle which is meant to be stored away from light and air. To use, you snap on the dropper tip and after shaking up the dropper to mix the products together, you place 2 or 3 full droppers into your hand or directly on your face then apply as needed.

6. Cos de Baha Vitamin C 15 Serum Review

Cos de Baha Vitamin C 15 Serum

CosRx is a Korean skincare brand that focuses on delivering outstanding customer service with competitive prices and an interesting, distinct skincare approach.

This time they’re promising that their antioxidant serum will help fade hyperpigmentation and redness and protect against the build-up in your skin of inflammatory compounds except for this time with less irritation and redness associated with traditional pure Korean vitamin c serums.

Thanks to carefully studied levels of ascorbic acid and peptides that serve to regulate the cell cycle without excessive oxidation from pure Korean vitamin c serums still get the same results. An affordable option for those looking for a Korean Vitamin C Serum formulated with Pure Vitamin C.


Ingredients: Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Arbutin, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract

• Formulated with 15% pure ascorbic acid
• Helps fade hyperpigmentation and redness and protect against sun damage
• Helps protect against free radicals and other harmful environmental factors
• Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin
• Dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic, and cruelty-free

7. Mizon AHA 8% Peeling Serum Review

Mizon AHA 8% Peeling Serum

Dead skin exfoliation and under-the-skin impurities can leave your skin with a rough texture that also prevents proper moisturization. A product with plant juices and top-grade ingredients such as vitamin C will help improve skin texture as well, leaving you with fresher and softer-looking skin.

Some of the ingredients which are included in one of our own products are butylene Glycol, Methylpropanediol, water, Hydroxide, metal sucker, hydroxyethylcellulose sodium salt (mild), 1 2 hexanediol PEG-60 Alkyl PEG lactate (vegetable origin), Phenoxyethanol, antifreeze, and Manganese sulfate – 0.0001%.


• Creates a pure and smooth skin surface by removing dead skin cells
• Helps to refine pores, measures sebum, and removes dead skin cells
• Improves skin tone and texture
• 20ml pure solution with no additives and preservatives
• Non-irritating and non-drying on the skin
• Effectively exfoliates dead skin cells that cause various skin concerns
• Stable mixture of 8% AHA

8. SeoulCeuticals Day Glow Serum Review


SeoulCeuticals Day Glow Serum

This is one of the best vitamin C serums I’ve ever tried. In fact, it’s because so many people rave about it that I decided to give it a try – and now I’m so glad I did! Customers who have used this serum have been extremely happy with the results. The SeoulCeuticals Day Glow Serum has a fantastic mix of ingredients that are beneficial for your skin in more ways than you might realize.

The SeoulCeuticals Day Glow Serum has many ingredients that help hydrate and nourish your skin including dandelion, aloe vera, dandelion, Gotu kola, and jojoba extracts. The lightweight formula is easily absorbed by the skin and won’t clog your pores or add to oily skin. It’ll definitely keep your skin looking fresh!


98% natural formula
• Suitable for all skin types
• Visibly reduces wrinkles, dullness, and dark spots
• Developed by leading dermatologists
• Uses high-quality ingredients

9. Neogen Dermalogy Vitamin C Serum Review

Neogen Dermalogy Vitamin C Serum

Neogen is another brand that focuses on product reviews and their features. I’ve found that their highest selling point seems to be their ability to provide great results in the treatment of acne-prone skin. Here is one Neogen review regarding what makes this brand so potent when it comes to fighting pimples.

The most common ingredient used to prevent acne breakouts is Salicylic acid or Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA). These ingredients remove dead skin cells and keep pores from becoming clogged. That way, acne-causing bacteria don’t get trapped inside. Reviewers also note how effective this particular product works at making the skin brighter and tighter after use!


• Highly concentrated Vitamin C Serum helps to brighten and re-texturize skin.
• Made in the USA
• Clinical results show in 4 weeks 85% of users said their skin became more radiant, brighter, and even-toned.
• Non-toxic and non-irritating contain only natural ingredients and rich moisturizers.
• 100% cruelty-free and vegan, contains no animal products or by-products.

10. Mizon Real Vitamin C Ampoule Review

Mizon Real Vitamin C Ampoule

The Mizon Real Vitamin C Facial Treatment Lotion is a superior skin treatment that works towards replenishing and restoring the health of your complexion, while also leaving its surface feeling moist and supple.

This lotion uses a powerful combination of vitamins to restore the tone and texture of your skin over time, clearing out impurities to leave you with smoother, younger-looking skin. Features 19% pure vitamin C (without water fillers).

This facial lotion triples down on antioxidants that can deliver essential nutrients directly into your skin for maximum absorption. Organic moisturizing ingredients help nourish your complexion while providing vitality to your skin’s surface as well.


• Formulated with 15% pure vitamin C to brighten and even out skin tone.
• Provides a cooling and soothing effect by hydrating and calming skin with Centella, portulaca oleracea, and cucumber extracts.
• Boosts the effectiveness of other products applied afterward.
• Enriched with a copious amount of antioxidants and vitamin C to combat free-radical damage.
• Excellent for an evening out skin tone and texture.
• Use it before applying an SPF product to protect against sun damage.


What Vitamin C Serum is The Most Effective?

According to our dermatologists, Skinceuticals CE Ferulic is the definitive standard in Korean vitamin c serums, which they (and our editors) recommend for all skin types. “I believe it’s the best out there,” insists Dr. Kenneth Howe of the Wexler Dermatology Group

Is Purito Vitamin C Serum Good?

It’s important to find the right lightweight serum for your skin type, and this one is great! It doesn’t leave a film or residue behind and absorbs quickly. It also has 5% vitamin C, so it’s safe for sensitive skin like mine. Overall, I’ve noticed that my skin looks brighter and smoother ever since I started using it.

Why Use Vitamin C Serum?

If you value the way your skin feels as much as we do, then you’ve probably already seen results from using Korean vitamin C serum. Some of the benefits of this amazing ingredient include: making your skin feel firmer, softening and moisturizing dry patches, and shrinking large pores.

Conclusion About Best Korean Vitamin C Serums

As I’ve said before, Korean skincare solutions reign supreme when it comes to skin-related products. With the kind of range of things they do, you’re basically ready for anything no matter what.

These days, there are already many companies producing different kinds of cosmetics that boast the same quality as Korean skincare but sadly just don’t match stack up. So you’ve got to keep your eyes peeled if you’re keen on getting reliable skincare products.

These days, however, Korean vitamin C serums are quickly rising to the top of everyone’s favorite list because it really does wonders for your skin with little effort required on your part! It works for a whole host of problems whether you’re looking for an anti-aging solution or one meant to combat pesky stubborn acne and spots the possibilities are endless!

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