Drunk Elephant VS The Ordinary Marula Oil

Drunk Elephant VS The Ordinary Marula Oil:- What is the best facial oil for your skin type? If you want to find out, then read ahead! It’s a question that our clients often ask which facial oil is most effective for their pores and face.

Drunk Elephant VS The Ordinary Marula Oil

We consider ourselves experts when it comes to choosing the best facial oils on the market! You see, there are so many choices being presented to us these days, it can get difficult to make a decision about argan oil vs marula oil or even know what choice might be the right one.

But worry not! Our tried-and-true stay-healthy products have done wonders for those with virgin marula oil in the ordinary. And we’re here to tell you why they’re worth choosing over marula oil benefits traditional body lotions and potions.

Drunk Elephant VS The Ordinary Marula Oil

There’s no denying the benefits of both Drunk Elephant’s Marula Oil and The Ordinary Marula Oil to our skin. However, if we had to pick one, we’d probably go with The Ordinary’s version. Let’s find out which one suits your needs best-drunk elephant virgin marula luxury facial oil review

First off, let’s consider the most obvious differences between maelove vs the ordinary: packaging and pricing. Drunk Elephant is all about looking good in every sense of the word. The branding of this product is beautiful as you can see, with personalized details and a dropper that does make it easier to get every last drop out of that bottle much like with wine. Check how to use marula oil

Additionally, we get to see trader joe’s face oil marula what we believe is the most luxurious packaging. Price-wise, the prices are slightly higher than those of The Ordinary but not extremely so because even though they may seem higher because they’re on an exponential scale (nature), they’re still pretty reasonable.


Aestheticians might be of the opinion that The Ordinary is too inexpensive to be a good product. They might base this on logistics and geography. For example, Drunk Elephant is almost 10 times more expensive than The Ordinary, even though both brands use marula oil as one of their main ingredients.

One could argue that it’s not fair to compare a face cream made in Canada to another manufactured in Greece because of their manufacturing processes and the materials available to them in these different regions. before and after marula oil is a slippery slope for anyone but an expert products critic because there are a lot of benefits of marula oil things to consider when judging facial creams like this, like the way they are extracted.

We can’t be certain whether it’s the unheated water extraction process or some other intensive methodology, but we find that marula benefits provided by Drunk Elephant have a lighter texture and absorb quicker than Josie Maran’s. Any time we get marula facial oil review to absorb quickly while leaving our face feeling smooth and soft, as Josie Maran’s does, we know it’s doing its job right.

What’s The Difference Between A Drunk Elephant And Ordinary Marula Oil?

The main difference between a drunk elephant and ordinary marula oil is about Face Oil are that it doesn’t last as long as our The Ordinary High Adherence product.

Drunk Elephant gets absorbed into our skin a lot quicker than The Ordinary, and we’re not sure if it’s because of the best marula oil number of emollients used in each product or the techniques used to purify each type of oil extract but DE gives us the same awesome glow like in 3D while TO only hydrates us well but not enough to give us that ‘lit from within’ look.

If you want a good value marula oil, consider The Ordinary which performs well above its price category. If you want an ordinary marula elegantly formulated oil that feels like butter gliding on the skin and is fair trade, we recommend Drunk Elephant.

Is The Ordinary Marula Oil The Same As A Drunk Elephant?

There are many similarities between Tarte maracuja oil dupe between The Ordinary and Drunk Elephant and the first is that they both use only one ingredient – marula oil. When you think about how similar these two brands are, this may be difficult to wrap your head around.

We do not believe in arguing the benefits of one versus another because as we mentioned earlier, these quality products each have different formulas the ordinary oils for marula oil extraction which is what truly helps differentiate them from each other.

Rosehip VS Marula Oil

Both Marula and Rosehip Oils are common, antioxidant-rich ingredients that have been used for centuries to promote the health of the skin. The oils can be especially good for people who have a lot of stress and face a lot of environmental damage.

What Is The Difference Between Rosehip Oil And Marula Oil?

The main difference between rosehip and marula oil is Marula offers serious antioxidant benefits as a naturally occurring carotenoid and tocopherols have a great track record of helping with acne-prone skin and is high in linoleic acid which works well for skin health by keeping it hydrated.

Pure marula oil is best when cold-pressed because it helps the product retain more of its original nutrients via maintaining the best temperature during the pressing process.

What Is Rosehip Oil Good For?

Rosehip Seed Oil is a dry oil that’s obtained from the seeds of wild rose bushes found in the Andes Mountains around Chile and Argentina. A variety of different rose bushes are used for the extraction process based on what kind of result one is hoping to achieve.

However, Rosehip Seed Oil isn’t just limited to use in skincare products. It can be very beneficial as an addition to many other types of products as long as it’s organic and pure rather than synthetic. That being said, here are some ideas of what you could add Rosehip Seed Oil to

What is Better Drunk Elephant Or The Ordinary?

I could immediately sense a difference between these two as soon as I opened them. The Drunk Elephant has a sort of almost resin-like sticky if you can imagine

Does The Ordinary Marula Oil Clog Pores?

Argan oil might be called “light” but it is comedogenic, so claims that it doesn’t clog pores are false, even though there are different levels to how much oil can clog your pores. So, it might be better than castor oil on the clog scale, but it’s not better than a heavy oil like avocado oil.


The one thing that you ought to know about these two products is that, although they can be used the same ways. Drunk Elephant gives us an instant glow which we will definitely attribute a lot of our lightened skin to whereas The Ordinary just keeps our skin hydrated. But no matter what, both products have done wonders for our skin and we’re happy paying the price for them!

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