Does Cannabis Affect Men and Women Differently?

Men and women are so different on so many levels, physically, emotionally, mentally, and even with cannabis. Although all humans have endocannabinoid receptors , which is how and why our bodies can safely consume cannabis in the first place. However men and women do actually react to marijuana pretty differently. The urban myth is that women get much higher or have a lower tolerance than men because they weigh less and because of higher hormone levels. This actually is false. Women have a higher pain tolerance therefore women have also have a higher tolerance when smoking weed because they need more of it to feel it’s affects.

According to an article by Bustle, “ A review of sex differences in cannabinoid action suggested stuff like estrogen, body fat percentage (cannabinoids can hang around in fat, lessening their impact on the system), and certain brain receptors. But various gender differences in reaction to weed might be due to different things as well”.

The main reason that women can medicate more than men is because we can naturally build a higher tolerance to THC due to estrogen. So our hormones actually allow women to consume more without getting too stoned.This is a good and bad thing because women tend to be more dependent on marijuana and have to spend more money on it. The Cannabis Consumers Coalition (CCC) recently released a report which showed that 53% of cannabis consumers were women, versus 42% men.

Estrogen can also majorly affect women’s endocannabinoid receptors so it’s sometimes less effective during time or hormone change due to medication or PMS. Women sometimes have to medicate more to experience adequate relief.

However cannabis is great for women’s everyday pains, especially during a menstrual cycle. More and more companies are specifically creating products to help women during that time of month. Men surprisingly don’t experience that much pain relief while smoking either. Once again this is a good and bad thing. A male who is a lot of pain would have to smoke a lot of cannabis to get even the smallest amount of pain relief, even if he didn’t really want to keep smoking.

“Men are less sensitive to cannabis, so the herb’s pain-relieving qualities are a bit blunted by comparison. Back in 2013, Craft and her team tested THC’s effect against chronic pain in rats. Female rats fared much better than males when it came to symptom relief. Men will have to consume more to get similar results,” according to Herb.Co.

Another major way weed affects men and women differently is in their sex drive or libido. If a woman’s estrogen levels are normal to high and she adds marijuana to the party, can influence and increase the female libido. Same goes for men except with testosterone. However after men medicate their sex drive has a dramatic spike up but after 20–30 minutes it will drop below baseline. So if you’re a couple that like to smoke together, do it fast.Another thing, men get super intense munchies compared to women. There’s not a clear scientific reason why, but in several studies men’s appetite levels were much higher than women’s after smoking.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, of course, consume safely and responsibly. Did you learn something new about women, men, and weed? If so share with your friends. Talk about it in your next session or share on social media, see what else you might learn about your fellow man or woman.