Top 9 Best Korean Foundation For Dry, Oily Skin Reviews 2023

Are we looking for the best Korean foundation? There’s no shortage of media buzz about the viral success that Korean beauty shoots around the world. From a bevy of bee-stung lips and brows to cut creases and contoured cheeks, the Korean makeup foundation has made it clear that they take beauty very seriously in their part of the world.

Best Korean Foundation For Dry, Oily Skin Reviews

the best k-beauty foundation is an excellent option for those who not only want quality regarding coverage, but also blissful skincare benefits at the same time. Korean foundation makeup is designed to help you get a velvety smooth, natural-looking finish that works with your skin rather than against it.

Best Korean Foundation

There are skincare benefits included in these types of foundations such as containing antioxidants, peptides, and other fine ingredients which improve the appearance and health of the skin. You can avoid the best Korean foundation for oily skin caking on your face if it’s only required in specific areas when you use the best Korean makeup foundation that uses a water-based formula or liquid to powder formula.

This ensures instead of having a heavy cakey look on your face, you end up looking bright, smooth, and flawless with long-lasting effects too!

In this blog post, you’ll find a list of 10 top best Korean foundations that provide amazing coverage and fit into anyone’s budget. I’ve spent days on end checking out these the best Korean foundations online so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time doing the hard work.

Time is money, and these will definitely help save you some. The new year brings with it many changes and chances for personal growth. What better way to kick off your adventures by starting things off right with some really great-looking skin?

Beauty editors are also big fans of finding out about all of the latest secrets in K-beauty ingredients, so we compiled our own guides to unlock the true potential of what can be done when our skin is very well taken care of Korean full coverage foundation.

1. Bella Terra BB Cream Tinted Moisturizer, Mineral Foundation Review

Bella Terra BB Cream Tinted Moisturizer, Mineral FoundationBella Terra BB Cream has combined all-in-one benefits for your skin in just one application! This addition to the Bella Terra line of decaffeinated products from Fruiteria Labs makes it easier than ever to achieve a beautiful, youthful complexion, quickly and naturally.

No matter what type of skin you have, Bella Terra BB Cream will work for you to improve the health and texture of your skin, resulting in fewer blemishes, fewer wrinkles, reduced dark spots, and crow’s feet around the eyes this is the best Asian foundation.

Bella Terra makes a Black BB Cream that provides a natural finish on one’s skin. This product promises to be sweatproof, oil-proof, and sun-proof.

However, it is incredibly light coverage which makes it suitable for persons who don’t like wearing thick foundation or for those who want to get fuller coverage over their BB cream without feeling like they are wearing any makeup at all.


• A healthy, natural alternative to chemical-based foundation
• Will not clog pores
• Will not irritate or burn sensitive skin
• Gluten-free and no chemicals

2. CLIO Kill Cover Ampoule Cushion, 04 Ginger Review

CLIO Kill Cover Ampoule Cushion, 04 GingerClio is one of the best-known and most sought-after brands on the US market. With a massive range of color cosmetics and hundreds of makeup innovations, Clio is a reliable makeup brand that always provides its users with the best quality products available.

Since the launch of their popular Kill Cover Applying Powder about 2 years ago, it was only logical for them to come out with an updated version this year. Their Kill Cover Glow Cushion is already selling well after appearing on stage as part of their most recent collection and will continue to do so because it’s such a versatile product.

Not only does it provide exceptional coverage but also has SPF50+ PA UVA protection against skin cancer, which will be particularly useful for consumers who tend to spend more time in the sun during beach season!

One of the reasons this Genoré Tesoro Show Time High Definition Liquid Foundation sounds so appealing is that it has moisturization as a feature. Not just any old moisture either! It’s coconut water activated to help keep your skin hydrated so that it doesn’t get dried out. That sounds pretty wonderful.


• Also, it is said to have anti-aging, whitening, and UV protection features.
• The anti-aging feature is said to be a result of the presence of raspberry extract.
• The whitening feature is said to be a result of the presence of arbutin.
• The UV protection feature is said to be a result of the presence of titanium dioxide.
• To use this foundation, you simply need to apply the content to the skin after your usual skincare routine.

3. MiBa Ion Calcium Foundation Double Cushion Review

MiBa Ion Calcium Foundation Double CushionMiBA is a Korean makeup brand that takes advantage of beneficial minerals found naturally within its products. MiBA’s Mineral Botanic All-in-one foundation contains ingredients like calcium, pearl, balaustine, apricot flower, and pearl extract that make it healthier for your skin in the long run.

While the product does give off a slight scent as with most products containing natural ingredients, on the whole, it is understated so you shouldn’t have any problems wearing it if you have sensitive skin.

The foundation is awesome and a must-try! It has proven to be a good dupe for the more expensive Lancôme liquid tints.

You’ll find that some best amazon foundations can be greatly appreciated by actresses on Korean dramas who enjoy its long-lasting wear, necessitating only an impromptu touch-up during downtime.


• Great Coverage: Offers full coverage.
• Matte Finish: Provides a natural matte finish.
Lightweight: Lightweight and comfortable on the skin.
• Long-lasting: Long-lasting, perfect for everyday use.
• Skin-friendly: Safe for all skin types.
UV Protection: Has UV protection as well.
• Hypoallergenic: Non-irritating, hypoallergenic, and sensitive-skin friendly.
• Air-whipped, silky-smooth formula that spreads easily and blends perfectly.

4. MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream Review

MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB CreamThe MISSHA M Magic Cushion is a lightweight product with SPF50+/PA+++ that could be a great idea for first-time users of the best Korean foundations. We describe what cushions are below so stay with me 🙂

The magic cushion foundation gives your skin a flawless, airbrushed look and the ideal amount of coverage. Instead of using a brush to apply your foundation, you can use these puffs that you see in the photo above (the big blue one is the “puff”, and it fits perfectly inside the little blue container).

You just have to press down on it lightly, gather some product in it by swiping your face lightly, then press it onto your skin.

Of course, this kind of foundation isn’t perfect: what I liked least about the design was how little product you had access to when applying the primer directly from its compact container (compared to others where you simply dab some product onto the puff).


• Get that flawless, poreless skin with the MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream.
• It has a light formula that gives medium to full coverage and a natural-looking finish.
• It has a SPF50+/PA+++ which is great for preventing sun damage, so your skin stays healthy and youthful-looking.
• The MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream is suitable for dry or sensitive skin.
• It’s also a great base for other makeup.

5. Moonshot Micro Settingfit Cushion Lightweight Sheer Skin Foundation

Moonshot Micro Settingfit Cushion Lightweight Sheer Skin FoundationThis foundation is a little different from other foundations in the market. The application of this foundation would be a joy to your heart as it applies smoothly to your face giving you a flawless complexion.

This foundation will make you look younger with its solid coverage and at the same time, it will not dry out your skin making you look flaky, unlike some other strong covering foundations that can be troublesome to women around 40 because they already have wrinkles and skincare issues.

The 10ppm of aqua lollia extract provides moisture to cool down the redness on the face resulting from acne or scars; makes pores less noticeable which makes hyper-pigmented skin glow.


• Lightweight and sheer formula.
• Provides natural coverage that helps blur imperfections.
• Infused with skin conditioning agents and moisturizers.
SPF 30 formula protects skin from harmful UV rays.
• Contains Vitamins A, C, and E.
• Available in 16 shades.

6. KARADIUM Collagen Smart Sun Pact Review

KARADIUM Collagen Smart Sun PactThe Karadium Collagen Smart Sun Pact is infused with an ingredient that helps to improve the appearance of the skin, and it really makes a difference for your complexion.

It will help you to achieve a radiant look without being too heavy or leaving any kind of residue behind on your face. The foundation is specifically designed to remain lightly moisturized throughout the day, so you can get the years back again.

Don’t forget about UV protection, which helps keep your skin healthy and accounts for 80% of preventing aging signs. This Korean “Radiance” product has SPF50/PA+++ sun protection to save your skin from causes that damage it if you expose it to ultraviolet rays on daily basis!

[Korean_brand] has been ranked 1st in Korea foundation makeup in Mamonde Brand Store Satisfaction Survey now for three years straight!


• Protect your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays with an SPF50+ PA+++ rating.
• Contains a natural collagen ingredient that improves the appearance of the skin.
• The perfect lightweight, water-resistant formula that doesn’t leave a white cast.
• Non-greasy, non-sticky, and easily absorbed into your skin.

7. Jungsaemmool Essential Skin Nuder Cushion Review

Jungsaemmool Essential Skin Nuder CushionK-Beauty makeup artist and skincare specialist Jung Saem Mool have created products that emphasize creative freedom for the user. The makeup items are designed to provide a balanced mix of fashion, trend, and ease of application, without sacrificing quality ingredients.

With Korean beauty products becoming increasingly popular, many seek out Jung Saem Mool’s highly pigmented products as a step beyond their normal beauty routine due to the innovative textures of each product.

When it comes to an all-natural look, in our opinion Junsaemmool’s Essential Skin Nuder Cushion is your best option. Breathable and lightweight, it guarantees flawless coverage without being heavy or oily once applied.

With a fade-resistant formula that lasts for hours, this foundation creates a stunning brightening effect to give you a youthful glow and radiant skin with a shiny complexion.


• Provides a natural and radiant glow to the skin.
• Perfects the skin and creates a healthy appearance.
• Restores and transforms the skin with a dewy, natural glow.

8. VDL Perfecting Last Foundation Review

VDL Perfecting Last FoundationVDL is a popular Korean makeup brand that is used by professional makeup artists the world over. The VDL data found here will let you see why so many professionals rely on this brand’s products for their work and everyday life!

For example, the Full Cover Cream Foundation from VDL has been ranked #1 in South Korea as it provides full coverage without making your skin feel too heavy. It contains coconut extract, which moisturizes and improves elasticity when applied.

You don’t need to worry about coverage slipping or caking thanks to a water-based formula, which allows your skin to breathe easily throughout the day.

Last but not least, at ₩43000 for 32ml of product, you won’t have to reach too deep into your wallet – this foundation is great value for money!


• High quality, lightweight foundation that gives a natural, glowing finish to the skin.
• Unique formula of medium-to-full coverage with medium to full moisturizing properties.
• Suitable for all skin types, especially dry, normal, combination, and oily skin.

9. HANYUL Cover Foundation SPF 15 Review

HANYUL Cover Foundation SPF 15Out of over 30 brands sold by the company that owns Hanyul, most of their products tend to focus on skincare and contain a lot of botanicals. And with all that product knowledge, we’re going to take a look at Hanyul’s cover foundation which is more toward the luxury side of things.

This cover foundation not only moisturizes your skin but it’s also got excellent coverage even with just one layer that can erase any blemishes or flaws you have in your complexion. But what makes Hanyul different than other Korean beauty brands?

Well, this one contains adenosine, an anti-aging ingredient mostly used for its firming and refreshing properties, it may just be the fountain of youth you’ve been looking for!


• Developed by the award-winning dermatology department of the Hanyul clinic.
• Moisturizes, hydrates and smooths dry skin.
• Contains adenosine, an anti-aging ingredient.
• Skin looks younger, smoother, and firmer.


What kind of foundation do Korean Celebrities Use?

Members of the CLC use a foundation such as O’SOLAVE Microfit which was recommended by makeup artist Jiho. To finish their look, they also apply LANEIGE BB Cushion Pore Control SPF50+ PA+++ which is Korea’s number 1 selling BB cream.

How do you choose the right foundation color?

Before buying make-up, always try it out first on your cheekbones. It is NOT your jaw or wrists! You know how hot the sun rays are, don’t risk anything by test-guzzling face on them. Instead, check for any changes in color under sunlight and see what it does to you.

This is of paramount importance because you might find yourself looking a lot more gorgeous than before and that confidence can be yet another superpower to feel invincible with Korean foundation shades.

What is the difference between Korean Foundation vs. BB Cream?

BB Cream is a multitasking beauty treatment and has even been called “skin insurance.” A BB cream offers more coverage than a moisturizer but is lighter than a foundation.


If you’re a beauty enthusiast and see the value in having glowing skin, Korean cosmetics are your best bet. Long-lasting full coverage foundations are a must-have. Additionally, it’s important to be mindful of the ingredients that go into your foundation as certain substances (like fragrance) may be considered harmful to those with sensitive skin!

If you’re not from Korea don’t worry there are plenty of stores online where you can pre-select the right product for your needs and get it shipped right to you.

I hope this blog post helped you in some way to make that informed decision and choose the Best Korean foundation for yourself, as well as get closer to becoming a true K-Beauty expert!

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