10 Best Korean Conditioner 2023 Review & Buyer Guide

Just like the attention we pay to our skin, we must also make sure that it is well taken care of when dealing with our hair. And here’s a great way to start by learning about all that Korean cosmetics have to offer.

To begin with, the best Korean hair products, when thinking about what amazing things Korean beauty products can do for your hair, one area that comes to mind is its wondrous ability to condition your individual locks. A lot of people wonder what exactly is the best Korean conditioner out there? Stay tuned in to find out about the best Korean conditioner hair treatment.

Best Korean Conditioner

The world of cosmetics and the beauty industry is currently experiencing a ‘Korean Beauty revolution’ as these products have proven to be very effective and their effectiveness has been consistently demonstrated since their launch.

Best Korean Conditioner Review

Not familiar with Korean products? Don’t worry because we have done extensive research for you and this article lists the Best Korean Shampoo and Conditioner sets for all kinds of hair problems like hair loss, oily scalp, dandruff, dry skin, thinning hair, etc.

These popular conditioners product lines contain therapeutic ingredients necessary for restoring damaged hair fibers by improving cell regeneration as well as strengthening them to help your reach those ‘Good Hair Days.’

The Importance of Conditioner For Your Hair

Conditioner is an important part of any hair care routine. Not only does it moisturize your hair and make it feel smooth, but it also softens your strands for easier detangling after a wash.

To truly get the full benefits from a conditioning treatment you might want to apply a heat source just like you would do during a thermal straightening treatment For the best Korean shampoo there are special hot caps that come with some conditioners.

Best Korean Hair Shampoo And Conditioner

It’s no secret that Korean hair care products are the best ones around when it comes to quality. This Korean brand shampoo skincare industry is booming in Asia, and with the popularity of these amazing hair care products, it was only a matter of time before other markets noticed.

Best Antibacterial Body Wash

Recently, we have seen an increase in interest in Korean hair care products as well and have listed some of the best ones consumers should try.

1. Nature Republic Argan Essential Deep Care Conditioner Review

Nature Republic Argan Essential Deep Care Conditioner

This moisturizing conditioner has skin-loving ingredients like 100% Organic Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, and Primrose Oil. Argan oil is excellent for treating dry and damaged strands, as well as making your hair feel silky soft, and healthy.

Rosehip oil heals skin conditions on the scalp when applied directly to the affected area, while it prevents split ends and frizzy hair by conditioning cuticles on your hair.

Instructions: Use after shampooing, apply lightly, rinse thoroughly.


• Provides deep care and moisture to damaged hair.
• Specially upgraded formula for damaged hair.
• Deeply penetrates the hair shaft to give nutrients and care for deep inside.
• Protects hair from outside harmful factors.
• Moisturizes and strengthens hair.
• Strengthens roots and helps to grow healthy, beautiful hair.

2. TSUBAKI Premium Moist Hair Conditioner Review

TSUBAKI Premium Moist Hair Conditioner

A hair care brand that is very well-loved by its users, SHISEIDO Tsubaki Premium Moist Shining Conditioner has more than 380 reviews from satisfied customers on Amazon alone.

This Korean hair treatment product comes in a red pump bottle which looks like the beautiful Tsubaki flower itself and it’s also loved by many of its customers as one of their favorite souvenirs from Japan they’ve ever received. Every handle comes with a price tag of 3,580 JPY. Why not give it a try? 🙂

Instructions: Along with the Tsubaki Premium Moist Shampoo, lather into hair before rinsing with warm water.


• Gentle formula that restores moisture and improves manageability
• Restores elasticity, controlling frizz and static
• Creates softness and luster while protecting hair from harmful UV rays
• Creates a great base for styling with a soft, natural finish

3. Elabore Acai Berry Super Hair Pack Review

Elabore Acai Berry Super Hair Pack

An Acai hair product made by superfood Acai berry extract is said to help replenish keratin and collagen within the hair and help restore from damage, which can be caused by chemically treated or thermally damaged hair. This Korean shampoo for oily hair new product released recently is a revolutionary treatment for any type of damaged hair as it helps return strength, thickness, and overall healthiness back to your tresses.

The best ingredient essential for having luscious, bouncy, and healthy hair is pure keratin. It moisturizes dry dehydrated hair follicles, ensuring you’ll retain your natural shine, elasticity, and resilience. all of which are damaged and stripped by degrading due to years of product build-up! Keratin will also make your hair manageable without it frizzing up or breaking as easily.

Instructions: Always make sure your hair is thoroughly dried after shampooing. Only then should you begin applying the Korean brand shampoo. product Place an ample amount of the treatment into your palm and apply it on the strands, focusing on the damaged areas.


• Improves hair growth and promotes hair thickness
• Helps to prevent hair loss and promotes the growth of healthy hair
• Helps to eliminate dandruff and itching scalp
• Keeps hair soft, smooth, and shiny

4. Daeng Gi Meo Ri Honey Intensive Hair Mask Pack Review

Daeng Gi Meo Ri Honey Intensive Hair Mask Pack

Daeng Gi Meo Ri Honey Intensive Hair Mask is something of a miracle worker. The ingredients like Soybean Protein, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Castor Oil, and Behentrimonium Methosulfate help to offer long-lasting repair to damaged hair; giving it elasticity and strength while also helping to restore shine!

Its wonderful natural ingredients ensure that the product is safe and won’t cause any damage while at the same time effectively repairing the effects of environmental factors such as temperature changes or ultraviolet radiation.

In addition, it even helps counteract the changes in tone brought about by acute stress which can negatively affect our appearance by causing unsightly damage such as dryness and falling out!

Instructions: After shampooing, apply a substantial amount of this product then massage thoroughly. A towel or hot hair cap should be used to capture the maximum heat that helps open up the follicles, allowing the nutrients to penetrate more. Keep it on for 5 minutes and rinse off with plenty of water.


• Highly concentrated formula with extract of pure honey;
• Hair becomes smooth and silky after use.
• Honey Therapy Hair Mask Pack is specially formulated for dry and damaged hair that is in need of long-lasting hydration.
• Hair becomes stronger and smoother with each use.

5. Mise en Scene Damage Care Treatment Review

Mise en Scene Damage Care Treatment

Are you tired of using heat-styling tools like straighteners to straighten your hair? There are very few brands that care about Korean hair loss shampoo making natural products for women who respect their hair and the earth around them.

One of such companies is Mise En Scene, which is already well-known all over Korea for producing the finest quality skincare products. This best Korean scalp treatment brand has now expanded into the hair care industry and we have never been happier!

Offering nutrition to hair that has been permed or colored, argan oil, royal jelly, and rose water make up this Moroccan product which helps to detangle and repair damaged or dry hair.

Instructions: Apply a small amount of shampoo onto hands both before and after washing the scalp. Then gently apply it over the lengths of the hair elastics. Using warm water wash your hair. Wait for 1 minute before rinsing off two to three times to reveal your sleek, smooth, tangled free tresses!


• Makes dry, brittle hair softer, smoother, and more manageable.
• It improves hair elasticity and strength while preventing breakage and split ends.
• Restores the natural balance of each strand and makes it easier to comb.

6. Esthetic House CP-1 Brightening Conditioner Review

Esthetic House CP-1 Brightening Conditioner

Esthetic House has raised the benchmark for what is possible to achieve when it comes to Korean best hair products. One of our favorite conditioners from their range is the Healthy Hair Repair Conditioner and not only does it contain great natural ingredients, but it’s also a nourishing formula that works on all types of hair regardless of whether delicate or coarse.

It’s hard not to love this moisturizing hair repair treatment that has been developed in such a clever way that its consistency remains thick enough to leave behind a creamy feel on the hair yet light enough so as not to stick to your hands in gooey clumps. We especially love the best Korean hair growth products that work on all types of hair!

Instructions: Damp your hair. Apply and massage into the hair and scalp for 3 minutes then rinse thoroughly. If time permits, wrap in a towel for 5-10 minutes before rinsing.


• Helps provide nourishment to hair follicles and promotes healthy hair.
• Promotes natural hair color and resistance against damage.
• Made with high-quality ingredients and tested to ensure no side effects.
• Perfect for all hair types.

7. Aromatica Rosemary Hair Thickening Conditioner Review

Aromatica Rosemary Hair Thickening Conditioner

Rosemary Hair Thickening Conditioner is the ideal conditioner for people with weak, fragile, or thin hair. With its lightweight but powerful formula, this Korean gold shampoo will make those who suffer from weakened hair feel much better.

Rosemary is one variant of the commonly used household herb and has a pleasant scent that is comforting to the soul while making luscious locks incredibly soft to touch. Out of all the ingredients in this fabulous formula, almost 95% are naturally derived and vegan no small feat today for a haircare brand! That’s not all though this conditioner for Asian hair does not contain any sulfates or silicones either!

The market doesn’t really have many conditioners quite like it out there right now, which makes the Rosemary Hair Thickening Conditioner quite special in that regard. What makes it even more appealing is how easy it is to use with its easy-to-follow instructions.

Instructions: ​Shake well. After shampooing, put 2-3 pumps into the palm of your hands. Rub together and apply onto wet hair and massage in. Leave on for 1-2 minutes then rinse thoroughly.


• Treats hair loss, improves hair thickness, and controls hair frizz.
• Softens, strengthens, and protects hair against harmful damage.
• Makes hair manageable and prevents hair breakage.
• Increases hair volume and makes hair healthy and glossy.
• Natural and organic hair care products.
• It is the best conditioner for dry and damaged hair.

8. Kerasys Oriental Premium Korean Shampoo Review

Kerasys Oriental Premium Korean Shampoo

The well-known Aekyung Kerasys beauty brand is famous for its amazing best Korean scalp treatment, which is used by professional salons. One of the most popular lines of products that they make is the Camellia-3 Series, which has several four variations the Camellia-3 Recovering Treatment Foam,

The Camellia-3 Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner, and the Camellia-3 Stem Hair Essence. But what sets these three shampoos apart from other brands like Redken or Pantene is that it’s based on cutting-edge Korean hair science to give you lustrous and manageable hair.

Kersey’s beauty formula helps you to discover your hidden beauty and confidence. Strengthening hair elasticity for glossiness with a generous touch of camellia seed oil while revitalizing ruined hairs cells caused by outside irritants and environmental damage including UV rays.

Instructions: ​Apply this mask to your wet hair after a bath or shower. Massage your hair and scalp gently, then rinse off with warm water.


• A luxurious herbal blend of oriental herbs and natural botanicals
• Stimulates hair growth
• Promotes shiny, healthy hair
• Contains no harmful SLS or parabens

9. (Ryeo) NEW Chung Ah Mo Shampoo for Oily Hair Review

[Ryeo] NEW Chung Ah Mo Shampoo for Oily Hair

Our hair is our signature. It reflects on us as a person as well as our self-image. If we don’t take care of it, especially during this time when it’s very susceptible to a lot of changes, then who will? Ryo Premium Hair Care Range has not been specifically designed for the scalp and hair so much because we want ’em looking good for ourselves but more so for others to see how great they look too!

And that’s why everyone should use this range. Our ingredients are all herbal, medicinal grade, and organic! Let’s break them down, shall we?

Dandruff is no fun. Itchy head, flaky scalp, yellow blobs on the collar of your favorite shirt, you name it – it’s disgusting and just no fun at all! Thankfully there are many great dandruff shampoos out there that can help remove flaking from your hair and scalp. One of the best Korean shampoos we’ve tried is the reworxo Dandruff Shampoo.

After one wash with this dandruff fighting shampoo, most of our flakes were gone and our scalp felt cleaner than ever before. No longer were we embarrassed to pull our hair back or up into a bun because we had no dandruff or flakes to look terrible in such updos! The results were almost instantaneous!


• Removes excess sebum and dandruff
• Keeps away dandruff
• Makes hair soft and smooth
• Restores glow to dull hair
• Restores moisture balance to the scalp
• Soothes sensitive scalp
• Prevents hair loss
• Leaves hair clean
• Cleanses your scalp and hair

10. CER-100 Collagen Coating Protein Treatment Hair Mask Review

CER-100 Collagen Coating Protein Treatment Hair Mask

For your best beauty, a deep repair treatment is worth the time. This deep protein treatment contains soy extract and a ceramide 3 hair renewal complex. See the difference in just one use!

The mask for damaged and over-processed hair is infused with collagen, ceramides, and soy extract to help restore strength, shine, and protection from the sun or heat to enhance all textures of your hair.

A collagen treatment that can prevent hair damage and nourish the hair damaged from the frequent hair styling and perm as well as hair dying. It contains Ceramide NP, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, and Collagen which improve both its softness and elasticity as well as relief the scalp from stimulants or stress.

Not only will it improve your hair and scalp’s softness and firmness, but ease unnecessary discomfort on the head such as allergic reactions or dizziness. It will give you healthy vibrant body growth!

Instructions: ​Apply this treatment on wet hair, concentrating on your ends. Leave it in for 5 minutes then rinse with warm water keep rinsing until the water runs clear. (Leave in 20 minutes for a more intense repair.)


• Strengthens and repairs, helps to protect hair from future damage.
• Increases hair elasticity and volume, improves texture and feel.
• It nourishes and moisturizes, leaving hair healthy and strong, reducing hair loss and breakage.
• Makes hair easier to style, reduces static and frizz.

How Are You Supposed to Use Conditioner?

After shampooing your hair, massage it into your hair and leave it like that for about 3 to 5 minutes. The next step is to rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water, trying to avoid hot water as much as possible.

What Do Korean Girls Use On Hair?

A lot of women in South Korea use cleansing oil before shampooing and also wash their hair with shampoo if that’s what they want to use. Even then, you don’t actually have to rub your hair too much when using shampoo so that its natural oils can stay intact.

Shampoo or Conditioner First?

When you shampoo, oil and dirt are removed from your hair. It’s then thought that using conditioning products or rinsing with water a second time can leave the hair smoother and manageable.

Shampoo strips hair of natural oils and fats it needs to keep it strong and healthy because they cannot be replaced quickly enough once they have been washed away by regular washing.

The richer conditioner coats each strand of hair protecting it during washing and even helps to stop it from getting tangled with other strands because of its emollient properties.


We recommend everyone purchase the best Korean conditioner at least once just to see how special these products are and you probably won’t ever want to switch up from them. The main point is that you don’t need another conditioner if your hair ends up liking the one product! It’s all about what works best for you and what makes you so happy.

Welp folks, that’s it for today! We hope you learned something new and that next time you go to purchase the best Korean conditioner, our top list will help you find the best product for your particular needs.

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